Sunday, March 29, 2009

Highlights Pycon Chicago 2009

My short trip to pycon 2009 just confirmed my choice. This community is living and has a powerful momentum. Guido, the python father, mentioned that the 3 most important things are: community, community and community. What he started 19 years ago seems to take over.
The simple python syntax lead everyone to converge to it: pypy, jpython,cpython and IronPython. Alex Martelli talk on abstraction as a leverage was great: abstraction is inevible; try to understand at least 2 lower layers and create hook instead of hacks! (I am already applying it for the demo of python-montreal).
The frameworks for the web development is getting quite amazing (Django, Whirldwind, pylons etc.)
The talk " A Whirldwind Excursion through C Extensions" of Ned Batchelder was great to get a quick start on own to create C extension; yes python is slow and optimization is sometime inevitable.
The panel on Object Relational Mapper and the talk on Drop ACID and think about data were quite interesting. The keynote presentation by reddit founders is a good example that python provides amazing tools to spine out web application companies.
The concept of the evening lightning talks and open discussions on topic of interest was showing the dynamism of the python community. I went to an open discussion on parallel computing and people are moving to python. Now that the process lib has been integrate in 2.6, Twisted, Thrift, PyMPI, Numpy, Scipy power computing with python will expend.
I am glad that Yannick convinced me to attend. I think that I will attend to the tutorial next time and some Sprint to ensure the maximum knowledge assimilation.
During this small trip, I tried the mini laptop eee ha but I brought it back, you should buy the HE: the right shift is at the right place and the battery last longer. Pycon was inspiring !

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