Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How to setup a VPN connection on ubuntu?

Here is how to setup your vpn on ubuntu:

install vpnc stuff (see notes bellow)

create your XXXX.conf file

reboot (don't forget otherwise it won't work)


sudo vpnc-connect nuance

sudo vpnc-disconnect



sudo aptitude install vpnc

sudo aptitude install  network-manager-vpnc


vim /etc/vpnc/XXX.conf


#IKE Authmode psk

IPSec gateway XXXX.com

#IPSec gateway XXX.YYY.ZZZ.WWW


IPSec secret ZZZZZ

Xauth username YOUR_USERNAME

# Xauth password YOUR_PASSWORD (optional)

Domain ZZZZZ

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Linkedin need to be self disrupted or be disrupted

I joined linkedin back in 2003. I love it to keep track of my professional connections and I use it a lot to connect people. My experience with it has decline over time. Now that linkedin is the reference in professional social networks, they are become lazy but my needs increase so I think like many, its time to encourage linkedin self disruption or helping them hanging themselves.

Why should linkedin be self-disrupted or disrupted?

  • UX sucks (basic ex: how to access all my emails???)
  • Searching isn't convenient -> I want google search convenience that's it.  
  • linkedin email platform sucks so badly (why are they trying to lock me in) -> Linkedin you are not an email company, use a better platform at list (gmail) please. 
  • Why do I have character limit size in contact email + I can't add links???? 
  • Google search were blocked (what were they seriously thinking, they can do a better work then google...be serious guys)
  • We need to search on how to create a blog post on linkedin, it should be obvious
  • Their jobs alerts are ridiculous (16 year experience - R&D machine learning, data-mining, entrepreneur), examples job match:
    • Software dev graduate ????
    • Data migration engineer MySQL, PHP ?????
    • IT analyst (graduate program) ^??^%$%#$
    • Junior windows developer #$%@#^^$^%#$%T@$@
    • Learning coordinator -> WOW???
  • You have to spam your network before been able to create your account -> SERIOUSLY ITS CRAZY
  • Mechanism to connect is not consistent...sometimes I can't set personal message before message is sent....I hate that. 
  • Have you notice the list of relation profession (how they might know you) isn't sorted by last job when you connect.....isn't that crazy. Do they have UX at linkedin??? 
  • Integration with blogspot sucks....It doesn't put post title and leave only the blog title and it can't be edited. Its just bad. 
  • We can't share slideshares slides outside linkedin...you can't force people to stay guys!

I seriously doubt Linkedin employee eat their own food otherwise they wouldn't be doing average work like this. Please linkedin employee, do something before someone disrupt your business. I would love to see facebook entering this field to make Linkedin make major UX improvements.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Summary of deeplearning libs available in python