Wednesday, June 10, 2009

International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML2009)

The 26th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2009) will take place in Montreal next week (14-18, 2009).

The 3 invited speakers are quite interesting. I look forward to heard them:
  • Emmanuel Dupoux, from Ecole Normale Superieure on: How do infants bootstrap into spoken language?
  • Yoav Freund, University of California on Drifting games, boosting and online learning?
  • Corinna Cortes, from Google on can learning kernels help performance?

I have do decide to which tutorials I will attend this sunday:

  • T6 Machine Learning in IR: Recent Successes and New Opportunities [tutorial webpage]Paul Bennett, Misha Bilenko, and Kevyn Collins-Thompson
  • T8 Large Social and Information Networks: Opportunities for ML [tutorial webpage]Jure Leskovec
  • T9 Structured Prediction for Natural Language Processing [tutorial webpage]Noah Smith

Here are some interesting papers:

  • Curriculum Learning [Full paper]
  • Deep Learning from Temporal Coherence in Video [Full paper]
  • Good Learners for Evil Teachers [Full paper]
  • Using Fast Weights to Improve Persistent Contrastive Divergence [Full paper]
  • Online Dictionary Learning for Sparse Coding [Full paper]
  • A Novel Lexicalized HMM-based Learning Framework for Web Opinion Mining [Full paper]
  • A Scalable Framework for Discovering Coherent Co-clusters in Noisy Data [Full paper]
  • Bayesian Clustering for Email Campaign Detection [Full paper]
  • Feature Hashing for Large Scale Multitask Learning [Full paper]
  • Grammatical Inference as a Principal Component Analysis Problem [Full paper]
  • Convolutional deep belief networks for scalable unsupervised learning of hierarchical representations[Full paper]

I have to decide between thoses workshops on Thursday:

I look forward to meet old collegues, friends and new researchers. Next week will be awesome.

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