Monday, November 16, 2009

Toward better Web Monitoring Solutions

Confoo, a web techno conference, will take place in Montreal in March 2010. If my proposal is accepted, I will present " Toward better Web Monitoring Solutions". Here is a summary:

Web applications are slowly becoming the new standard. No more installation nor upgrades, they are accessible from any internet connected device. While being the Holy Grail to users, web applications can be a nightmare to engineers, as ensuring quality of service becomes harder.

In fact, web applications create a high level of testing complexity, bringing new challenges to quality and availability of service.

As more and more businesses rely on web applications, techniques such as real-time web monitoring, incidents detection and root causes analysis have become critical.

We will present these new problems in detail, followed by a short history of techniques used to measure and estimate the quality of web-based applications. We will review the most popular monitoring technologies, pointing out their advantages and shortcomings.

This presentation will be done in collaboration with Sebastien Pierre.

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