Saturday, May 14, 2011

Governments programs are destructive for new entrepreneurs

I reached my limits of bureaucracy. Enough is enough. My conclusion is that governments programs are destructive to new entrepreneurs. Let's face it, it is simply incompatible, entrepreneurs are looking for efficiency and government can only produce bureaucracy and inefficient process that are killing wealth creation.

Many entrepreneurs are trapped by government programs where they expect help and finally end up losing precious time, getting ridiculous support for massive paperwork if not excluded by incoherent rules. Entrepreneurs are here to create wealth not justifying bureaucracy existence.

I am tire of hearing bullshit like:
  • we are here to help entrepreneurs
Stop saying it and do it.
  • but you have to be profitable, have clients, make more then 200K, been incorporated since, have a product, have N employees, have to been able to pay your new employee to get the support, not this, not that, this, but only in 3 months, sorry in 6 months, it needs to go through the committee of the committee of the board and can't tell you when they might decide but it will required another meeting to decide, you have to come to our office, we need this form and this proof and letter of this and details of if entrepreneur time is free.
If we were respecting your criteria, we wouldn't need your support. Again we aren't looking for advices but only financial supports and efficient process, we know what we have to do. The current system seems to subsidising establish corporations, corporation without financial constraints and most important, for a second time, justifying bureaucracy existence.

Here is in a nutshell what entrepreneurs need:
  • Real founding support, light and fast decision process...not advices nor endless decisions and paperwork process of months and please stop pretending you can help if you know you can't.
Worst thing is that it is sending a so bad signal to the new entrepreneurs, you should be an bureaucrat official, you will make more money, you will have a pension plan, less stress, no performance evaluation from people you are suppose to help...

Don't worry entrepreneurs can't go that way but can kill this system slowly. Without entrepreneurs, this system cannot sustain. I hope the new majority Conservative Party of Canada will make drastic cuts in this bureaucracy (their 10 billions cuts hasn't been unveiled). Officials aren't untouchable, don't shit in your plate rules applies to everyone. The effect might take longer but it will come and new entrepreneurs will help the momentum but what is bad is that founds might been cuts but no untouchable government jobs. Stop wasting time on their salaries and invest in entrepreneurs directly.

Government programs are making more damaged then good for new entrepreneurs by making them loose too much time and energy and encourage indirectly outsourcing which overall is extremely bad for the economy. Hopefully Canada has natural resources....but it isn't an excuse to tolerate destructive economy programs.

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