Sunday, November 13, 2011

MTL Salon BI quick summary

I went to MTL salon BI on November 8th.
Here is the my headlines:
  • Elie Elia: 45% of people are overloaded with data; need actionable information
  • Freddy Midi: BI = old decision support systems; reports shouldn't be the end of the process; it is a flow; The future of BI looks like;
  • Before graphic was the end but now it is the begining (drill down).
  • Philippe Nieuwbourg: Since big players have done acquisitions their is no more innovations and price have simply increases; it is a good timing for startups. Visualization is weak...we want minority report interface and it is coming
  • Online Analytic Maturity Model: 6 levels by Stephane Hamel :; BI and Webanalytics are merging; diff, web analytics is real-time and accept higher error margin; future is agile & predictive
  • For now BI mostly look at the past but the future of BI is finally moving slowly to predictive analysis
  • BI clients priorities: Simplicity, cost, quality
  • Best BI solutions: QLikView; PowerPivot, SPSS (IBM), Tableau Soft
  • People want to bypass IT for BI answers
  • Michelle Blanc: disruptive truth about internet marketing
  • Wayne Knaggs (Adastra): cloud BI: we are moving from SaaS to IaaS and PaaS (Soft->Infrastructure-> plateform)
  • Semantic web:; triple store (RDF) are becoming standards

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