Monday, January 2, 2012

Strategie Québecoise de l'entreprenariat: what's in it for startups

I have finally took some time to look at the details of the announcement of the November 15 2012.

If you look properly, its isn't very exiting...lot of noise for not much.
  • access to line of credit of max 30K without interest nor warranty
  • ability to delay payments of "Fond Local d'investisment"
  • Investment with Anges-Quebec which means they might take a little more risk
Lot of the new money is invested in the entrepreneur support programs and to simplify access to money to help entrepreneur buying existing corporations (the boomer generation are starting to sell but few can buy).

Conclusion, lot of new money in the system but at the end, not much for entrepreneurs. Most of it is to sustain the existing system so don't wast to much time of this and focus and launching technology and sales.

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