Sunday, September 29, 2013

Attracting, evaluating & criteria about Investors

How to attract good investors?

Apply the core ninja principal:

If you go out looking for cash….
You’ll find people who tell you how to improve your business….

If you go out looking for people to improve your business (real entrepreneurs)....
You will find cash! (and you will have people to help you improve your business huh?!)

How to evaluate an investor?

The real value of an investor is inversely proportional to how he will try to take advantage of you.
Basically, the more he will try to screw you, the lowest is its value. … apply the ninja rule...

What to look for in an investor?
1- Network
2- Experience
3- Money

How to select your investor?
1- Identify your need
2- Identify the best people who can help (use the beachhead model)
3- Request help (apply the ninja principle)

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