Sunday, November 16, 2014

Agile tour 2014 highlights/notes

I went to my first "agile tour" conference. Why: I want to hear Jean-Marc De Jonghe (transform management to succeed an agile transformation) and David Hussman (Lessons in gravity: what keeps you down?).

Here are my highlights notes (yes its notes):
Jean-Marc De Donghe:

  • Wall was coming
    • slow decline of subscribers (~45 mins)
    • increase web (5-15 mins) -> less revenues
  • A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be. - Wayne Gretzky
  • smarthphone web traffic: 86% apps, 14% browser
  • experience TV->laptop->tablette->cell (intimité/privacy)
  • Agile vs old school
    • context vs control
    • confidence vs fear
    • context and vision
    • recruiting=attitude, aptitude, diversité
    • agilité bidirectionnel (good luck)
    • build trust = quick win greedy approach
    • protect your team
    • Speed = disorder (tech debt); 
    • Environment who  promote agile
    • No split by job
    • refactoring = speed 
    • Estimate added value to set priorities
David Hussman:
  • gravity sucks!
  • launch rocket -> Egyptian approach = much easier 
  • uncertain/overly certain Product(uncertain) /techno (certain)
  • y = product learning, x = structure complexity
  • Accidental complexity-> incidental complexity 
  • mass has consequence, process mass, techno mass, mass of certainty, meeting mass
  • + nonban (least process+most measurable value)
  • better conversation not stories
  • diff between what they need and what you think they need
  • gource mine craft (visualize code)
  • point = size of effort (useless) size of value
  • book: anti fragile (the black swan) + founder at work
  • investment discovery vs delivery
  • valuable vs feasible

Others: (great speakers -> Michel Céré, Richard Martin)
  • value not effort
  • Self manage team = team -> scrum master -> boss
  • no hierarchy + scrum master = authority 
  • People value more the process then the result
  • influence silencieuse de l'autorité (manager keep forgetting)
  • scrum master should do their work
  • propose: auto organize or hierarchy request (its a choice)
  • team should force people to take off is required
  • culture  = fondement ordre social
  • valeurs vécus+artefacts+presuposé (macro culture, sous culture, micro culture)
  • Changement culturel & objectif d'affaire
  • Culture des opérations (collaboration/communication), culture conception/ingénierie (idea, système élégeant), culture haute direction (finance, image entreprise et de soi)
  • Importance of rituals
  • voir openagileadoption
  • Dynamisme/cohérence globale -> reponse pertinente
  • agile: empowering groups+cadre execution aligné+ cible=client
  • WIP/JIT/Velocity (work in progress, just in time...)
  • TRG = taux de rendement global: toyota = 86% + bureau = 17%
  • Leadership mobiliser
  • QIX = Qty I.... Max
  • Volonté stratégique

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