Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to conquer your customer segment? The beachhead framework

Want to conquer your customer segments once you reach your business market fit? The beachhead framework is for you. Unfortunately it is hard finding a template nor good examples online. Many sites explain the idea but how to apply it?
It's simple, once you have identify a customer segment, identify product and influential leverage strategies and prioritized them.
Product leverage is an action that leverage your product as oppose to customization (ex: a wordpress plugin).
Influence Leverage is an action that leverage a customer segment influencer (ex: gartner, forrester research, blogger etc.).

Don't forget:
  1. BMC: Busines Model Canvas (Business Model = Value + Monetization)
  2. Validation Board (lean startup)
  3. BMF: Business Market Fit -> Branding your company -> Setting the Industry agenda
  4. BF: Beachhead framework 

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