Friday, November 23, 2012

Real-time face recognition experiment packages

In Autumn 2009, I have been lecturer at ETS for a Machine Learning introduction class. In order to ensure the class could get a real feeling about machine learning, I have repackaged the digipy demo used for my presentation "Machine Learning Empowered by Python" for their final project. The latest code is here:
The digiface package was their recommended starting point. It is a real-time face recognition package so they could focus on extracting the best features, train easily a single neural net and experiment live or on the dataset picture.
The idea was simple, they will compete on the best real-time live face recognitions of the student faces themselves. Every student had to sit in front of each other face recognition system. The best system had to be quite robust in order to consider light, background et hair changes.
We had to make a pictures sessions and build the dataset.
One team built their own package called digijava. Here is a snapshot.

It was quite an interesting teaching experiment. I am glad to see that some of my student have followed my path and join Yoshua Bengio lisa great lab.

If you are looking for a great talk about the latest state of the art in machine learning, look at that Hinton "Brains, Sex, and Machine Learning" youtube video and Yoshua Bengio slides "DeepLearning of Representations"(Google talk).

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