Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Want to start a startup?

Compilations of fraka6 post on startup + important concepts reference

Serial entrepreneur rules: You will not stop to one 
Founding: Network than Money
Strategy: Disrupt existing market
Information theory applied to business
Recruiting/talent management: Hire personality, train skills
Why MBA aren't designed for startup
Bootstrapping: Its feasible
Contrat: found a template (20 items)
IP: Don't get caught in the lawyer game of gray zone
Startup Vs Entreprise: The futur of innovation if startup inside the beast

+ importants concepts: Start with why, get organized and focus
David S. Rose: How to pitch to a VC (You|Integrity|passion|experience|knowledge|skills|Leadership|Commitment|Vision|Realism|coachable)
importance of advisor agreement = biggest mistake you can make
FREE ENTREPRENEUR TOOL (Profit spotify is an interesting tool to mine amazon best seller to identify market)
Amazing selling machine

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