Friday, September 5, 2014

Hire personality, train talent or Hire for Skills, Not Attitude?

I am annoyed everytime I am contacted because someone is looking for skills either for my or my network. I use to remind them this principle "Hire personality, train talent". Lately I got challenged about that idea about innovation and been pointed to forbes article "Want Innovation? Hire for Skills, Not Attitude" which was quite interesting. 

Here are the highlights of the argument: 
But, attitudes will only get you so far, and when real change is needed —innovation, for example — then attitudes are not likely to be enough to get you to where you want to go. In such situations, you need skills, and lots of them.
Hiring for skills, instead of attitude, changes everything. For one thing, if you do it right, and that means hiring the best obtainable, rather than simply settling for the best available, you’re going to be looking at a team of ambitious high-performers, not a team of happy-campers. 
So, here’s a new mantra: For everyday work, hire for attitude, train for skills; but when big change, such as innovation, is envisioned, then hire for skills (because you need them) and figure out how to deal with the attitudes (because, all too often, they come along with the skills).

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